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For an example, see Text Detection. Sighthound Cloud offers a Detection API for person, face, gender, age, and facial landmark detections; and a Recognition API that developers can use for face and vehicle recognition applications. . With our APIs you can identify malicious IP addresses, get reputation of a website, get SSL certificate details, perform DNS records lookups and much more. Services Face Detection API [16] to infer their gender and age. Detect the information of the given photo(e. Happy Hacking! -Stephen: 2: Face (Detection) A computer vision api for facial recognition and facial detection that is a perfect face. The Computer Vision API is already in the Playground, which tells you what's on a picture and gives you a . Our EyeFace SDK is a Software Development Kit featuring powerful functions for face detection, face recognition and face evaluation (age and gender). In this tutorial, you learned how to create a face detection app using Microsoft's face detection API. You can pass the face token to other APIs for further processing. The Shape Detection API is an experimental API for detecting “shapes” (i. It can also be used to find similar faces, to verify if two images contain the same person and you can also train the service to improve the identification of people. This course includes a review of the main lbraries for Deep Learning such as Tensor Flow and Keras, the combined application of them with OpenCV and also covers a concise review of the main concepts in Deep Learning. If you want to learn more about the face detection API, check out its official documentation and the Cognitive Services API The Face API which is part of the Microsoft Cognitive Services helps to identify and detect faces. It finds 68 points for a frontal face and 35 for a profile one. 1001-5,000,000 images $1. You will send this data from your application to Sift via our REST API. Detection of eye centers only, detection time (not including face detection stage): 0. Face recognition automatically determines if two faces are likely to correspond to the same person. g. SmartFace is a high-performance, scalable, face recognition server platform able to process multiple real-time video streams in parallel. com. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Oil and Gas Journal database, and Gulf Publishing. Emotion Detection • Age Detection • Gender Detection • Race Detection • Attractiveness Scoring  Betaface API is a face detection and face recognition web service. e. APIVoid provides JSON APIs useful for cyber threat analysis, threat detection and threat prevention. Through computer vision and deep learning, we can analyze faces in images, videos, and in real-life environments. There’s many things you could do which even I haven’t mentioned in the article. The site is powered by Microsoft Azure's Face APIs that not only recognize features and predict both gender and age. 1-1000 images free per month. Face Detection API that detects the location of human Use our Face Details API to detect faces, gender, age,  Sighthound Cloud offers a Detection API for person, face, gender, age, and facial landmark detections; and a Recognition API that developers can use for face  FaceX Algorithm helps you to integrate Face Detection, Gender/Age Recognition, Face Matching to your app easily via API Calls. One of the key problems to address here is how can we make a computer understand that BW images do not necessarily mean that the age of a person present in them is old. Detect API also allows you to get back face landmarks and attributes for the top 5 largest detected faces. Humans use a lot of non-verbal cues, such as facial expressions, gesture, body language and tone of voice, to communicate their emotions. A great deal of leak detection literature was obtained from a variety of sources including API, the U. Embedded or Cloud • Face Detection • Face Verification • Face Identification • Face Sentiment Emotion Detection • Age Detection • Gender Detection • Race Detection • Attractiveness Scoring Age group Detection. com replacement. SkyBiometry is a state of the art Face recognition & Face detection cloud biometrics API allowing developers and marketers to do more with less. Text detection is available for all of the languages supported by the Cloud Vision API. The image can specify file in bytes or URL. While doing so, you learned how to add a service to Microsoft Azure and make a request to the face detection API. Some of these images consist of recognizable  Aug 11, 2016 This app will scan all the faces from the image, webcam and It give you the age, gender information calculated by the computer. for every question about API, pricing or cooperation. varying illumination and complex background. The UCD Colour Face Image Database for Face Detection. Facial recognition API, SDK and face login apps. This tutorial explores the use of deep learning models for face detection, age, gender, and emotion recognition, and head pose estimation included in versions of the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit. Detect, identify and verify faces with this powerful API. supports most common image formats as an input as well as live video streams or video files (SDK built in video capture or custom capture via grabframe callbacks) Face Detection: Face API detects up to 64 human faces in an image accurately. To enable the services we need to get an authorization key (API Key) by signing up with the service for free. It's meant to show off the power of Microsoft's face detection API tools and its Azure computing Microsoft quietly launched a set of new machine-learning APIs in beta under the "Project Oxford" moniker yesterday. 2m images / mo = $3000 face detection only and limited emotion detection, no facial recognition possible, no emotion video analysis possible. Face detection. com has invented a software that can recognize you with a photo of your face and can tell your The first (of many more) face detection datasets of human faces especially created for face detection (finding) instead of recognition: BioID Face Detection Database1521 images with human faces, recorded under natural conditions, i. FaceX API provides face detection and face recognition web services to your app or website with a few lines of code. You just provide an image or video to the Rekognition API, and the service can identify the objects, people, text, scenes, and activities, as well as detect any inappropriate content. api. Face Detection Software. The API has a pretty big set of features, such as: gender and age Estimate age and gender of people with our facial analysis model. net that attempts to predict the age and  Dec 31, 2015 We explore facial detection APIs and sentiment analysis APIs that can be After the project's age-guessing tool went viral last year for it's  Jun 19, 2013 Our API provides face recognition, facial detection, eye position, nose and read people's facial micro-expressions, gender and age group in  JavaScript API for face detection and face recognition in the browser and . com is adding age detection to its API. 2. The code snippets in this guide are written in C# by using the Azure Cognitive Services Face API client library. The eye positions have been set manually (and are included in the Deep Learning Computer Vision™ Use Python & Keras to implement CNNs, YOLO, TFOD, R-CNNs, SSDs & GANs + A Free Introduction to OpenCV3. Jun 10, 2016 In this tutorial, we look at the Face Detection API, which is part of Microsoft such as age, gender, smile, facial hair, head pose, and glasses. 3 WORKSHOPS AND The API also allows you to export the model in Core ML (Apple iOS) compatible format. The company has already developed a couple of Facebook Learn about face detection with Haar cascades, gender recognition with convolutional neural networks, and age recognition with convolutional neural networks. By But the API aspect makes those capabilities accessible to third-party software developers who in turn unleash them on a world of Detection API Introduction ¶. Specifically, we'll look at what you can do with the Face API and then, we will run through an example of it. face location, age, race, gender etc. estimate gender, age, ethnicity, emotion (smile/neutral); detect glasses, mustache and  Feb 1, 2019 Overview; Face Detection; Face Features; Gender Detection; Age group Detection The API returns a "female" value and a "male" value. Jun 16, 2017 Face Detection Using Face API In Android App. Recognition of different genders Updates to face APIs: In addition to the new tools, Microsoft Project Oxford’s existing face detection tool will be updated to include facial hair and smile prediction tools, and the tool also has improved visual age estimation and gender identification. Jun 3, 2019 Face detection is a computer vision problem that involves finding faces clothing , accessories, hair color, facial hair, makeup, age, and so on. If you have any questions ask! Just send an email to s@lambdal. Programmers can include these functions easily into their software and utilize the full potential of video stream or bitmap analysis. The challenges lie in the data itself. This guide demonstrates how to use face detection to extract attributes like gender, age, or pose from a given image. I did some post analysis on why it went viral and wrote a blog post on Medium. Instructions Use Face++ Detection API to detect faces within images, and get back face bounding box and token for each detected face. Run a web application that uses the model’s REST API; Flow. The API will provide data on bounding box, gender, approximate age and name, if the image is of a celebrity. You can use Kairos both to recognise a human face and to analyze the one on the picture. 0029 seconds (335 FPS) (Android) Returned information: two (x,y) coordinates of left eye center and right eye center ; Gender Recognition. Sep 4, 2017 The 2 most important features of this API are face detection and face Gender, the sex of the person; Age, a guess of the age, mostly to old  Face Detection Software. Advantages of EyeFace SDK Here are some of the terms that we use in discussing face detection and the various functionalities of the Mobile Vision API. 0). As good old Yoda told us ages ago 🤔. of speakers, age of speaker(s), and the emotion of speakers? Simple, affordable and accurate face detection and recognition API Features Demo Pricing Age detection Detects the age per face in the image. The database has two  TensorFlow Object Detection API A Custom YOLO Object Detector that Detects London Underground Tube GANs - Age Faces up to 60+ using Age-cGAN. The web UI requests the age and bounding box data for the frames from the server. Creating accurate machine learning models capable of localizing and identifying multiple objects in a single image remains a core challenge in computer vision. Cloud API only, no SDK. com (college Freshmen mourn). api@everypixel. Get started with this list of selected APIs to explore their capabilities & features in machine learning, prediction, face recognition, image processing, speech I am working on generating data of visitors at a booth. com has updated its API and now claims the ability to determine the age of a face in a photograph. Optionally, face detection can extract a series of face-related attributes such as pose, gender, age, head pose, facial hair, and glasses. 00055 seconds (1818 FPS) (iOS), 0. Intenseye provides intelligence to retailers, brands, and agencies with its image and video recognition capabilities like age, gender and emotion recognition. Detect and locate human faces within an image, and returns high-precision face Web API enables your applications to flexibly use every latest recognition  Mobile Vision | Google Developers developers. In this article, I will show age, gender,headPose,smile,facialHair */; new FaceServiceClient. We'll treat each of those function later in the article, while looking closer at them as I directly worked on this project. The 18-year threshold corresponds to the legal age of majority (adulthood) in many countries. Leveraging Innovatrics’ industry-leading algorithm, SmartFace allows system integrators to easily incorporate face recognition into their solutions. This API was created by the folks over at FaceX. FaceMark – FaceMark is a powerful API for facial feature detection. Face API has two main functions: face detection with attributes and face recognition" (Cognitive Services Face API Overview). If you provide ["ALL"] , all facial attributes are returned, but the operation takes longer to complete. Powershell + Project Oxford = Image Age and Gender Detection Hello Readers, In my previous post we discussed about Emotion detection using Microsoft Project Oxford and in this Blog post we’ll continue exploring the Oxford API’s using PowerShell. I want to detect Gender and Age of people visiting booth realtime via video stream. Isn’t it? But don’t worry, when face. microsoft. Jul 3, 2017 Photos constitute a large chunk of the information in the Internet, especially in this modern age. Defaults to  Aug 30, 2017 This guide provides an overview of practical Object Detection applications, In the age of cheap drones and (close to) affordable satellite  Dec 20, 2018 This tutorial will introduce you to the concept of object detection in Python using OpenCV OpenCV-Python is the python API for OpenCV. Integrate this API into your app to be able to perform face matching as a password. Face detection also refers to the psychological process by which humans locate and attend to faces in a visual scene. Also, TrueFace offers reusable snippets of code. The Geolocation API extends the Geolocation web spec. This change allows us to detect whether or not Cydia is installed. For example, if you run a banana shop and want to track people stealing bananas, this guy has built one for that! Installing OpenCV The AlchemyVision Face Detection and Recognition Image API accepts an image file as an input. The API will scan a photo to detect facial locations and can recognize individuals present within a photograph, such as celebrities. We provide immediate access through a simple cloud API. Brand logo detection & recognition. Model is trained on few datasets up to 300 000 images of people. The website consists of Microsoft's newly released face detection API, which lets users upload a picture Azure API: Face Detection+Recognition: Want to make a face recognition application? Using existing APIs, it is a relatively simple process! Here I am leveraging Microsoft Cognitive Services and a LattePanda single board computer to build a simple face recognition application. Among those services, we will see here Microsoft Face API, "a cloud-based service that provides the most advanced face algorithms. In this image, we can see the API has identified the face and highlighted it: Image: Microsoft Microsoft's #HowOldRobot tool tries to guess your age and gender -- with mixed results. If you don't specify a value for Attributes or if you specify ["DEFAULT"], the API returns the following subset of facial attributes: BoundingBox, Confidence, Pose, Quality, and Landmarks. Only with 'likelihood', not intensity. Part of my project is already developed in OpenCV and Python. It detects face location with optional attributes which related to faces like gender, age, pose, head pose, facial hair etc. Our vision is to develop Emotion AI that can detect emotion just the way humans do, In our SDK and API we also provide emojis, gender, age, ethnicity and a  Using AWS Rekognition, you can build applications to detect objects, scenes, text , faces or Rekognition's API enables you to quickly add sophisticated deep information like age range, beard, pose, sunglasses, mouth, moustache . ” “Yep, no more lying about your age,” a spokesperson tells us. Note that at this time, the Google Face API only provides functionality for face detection and not face recognition. Kairos. Eye Centers Detection. To detect visible text from a video or video segments, call the annotate method and specify TEXT_DETECTION in the features field. How Can You Make Use of Emotion Detection? There are a lot of SDK’s and API’s you can grab to make use of machine learning-based sentiment detection in your apps, services and business. Mar 31, 2018 The Face API provides facial and emotion recognition and location in an You can also use it for attribute detection to know age, gender, facial  Face Detection. In the API documentation, it does not specify whether an upper limit exists, so you can try to detect as many faces as possible. If set to Infinity the device will always return a cached position regardless of its age. API does a good job at identifying faces, emotions, gender and ages. Face Detection. The Detection API returns the location of any people and faces found in an image. With the help of their products, it is possible to detect faces in Face Detection. The Geolocation API returns a location and accuracy radius based on information about cell towers and WiFi nodes that the mobile client can detect. By using modern HTML5 specifications, we enable you to do real-time color tracking, face detection and much more — all that with a lightweight core (~7 KB)   May 1, 2019 They ranged in age from 18 to 30 years. Faces can be analyzed for gender, age, pose, or emotion; and a landmark detector can find the various facial features in the detected faces, including eyes, nose and mouth, by fitting 68 landmark points to those features. etc  Certified 3D Liveness Detection Deter and detect fraud . This course is focused in the application of Deep Learning for image classification and object detection. There are even cascades for non-human things. 30 Apr 2015 121 Microsoft recently launched a new face detection API to developers, but it also came up Our API provides face recognition, facial detection, eye position, nose position, mouth position, and gender classification. It can scan uploaded image files or image URLs, find faces and analyze them. Upload your last party group photo (or a group Photo you got online) and let FaceX try to detect all the faces. Betaface API is a face detection and face recognition web service. This has resulted in high quality data, which was Face detection has been a solved problem since the early 2000s but faces some challenges nowadays including finding tiny, partial & non frontal faces plus real-time detection on the CPU without obscure and non-portable code. Google Cloud Platform the Vision API can perform feature detection directly on an image file located in Google Cloud Storage or on the Web without the need to There’s a lot of API-accessible software online that parallels the human ability to discern emotive gestures. The detection will provide the exact location of where faces appear in images, it will also provide metadata about the faces that it detects, such as age estimates, gender, and numerous face attributes such as facial hair, and whether the person has glasses. S. Try out the following demo to see the Detection API and Recognition API in action. The aim of this project is to create a robust system that can take a front faced image of a person as to its input and can predict his(s) age. com/vision Mar 30, 2012 Facial recognition software developer Face. Introduction. These new APIs allow developers to add face detection and recognition features With this IP Reputation API you can detect malicious IP addresses, open proxies and TOR nodes. Like most other firms who offer age detection, Kairos has preferred to use age bands. Examples are head pose, gender, age, emotion, facial hair, and glasses. Kairos is all about Face Detection. How-Old. “It’s a really fun API [application programming interface] that allows you to submit pictures, detect faces in that, and tells you an estimate of their age and gender,” Microsoft corporate Ever AI’s technology is designed specifically for enterprises and systems integrators who need mission-critical face recognition that excels at accuracy (across challenging scenarios like light & angle variability, blur & pixelation, ethnic diversity, and occlusions), offers robust performance, provides superior levels of security, and can be deployed in any environment. Microsoft launched How-Old. Emotion classifiers: joy, sorrow, anger, and surprise. net is the demo site of Microsoft's Project Oxford, a cloud-based algorithm that guesses the age of humans based on facial recognition. I have some simple face detection going on using OpenCV and Python 2. Gender detection Xamarin. (Open Source) code about detecting faces via image processing algorithms. Microsoft Cognitive Services Face API demo in WPF Application Microsoft Cognitive Services are basically a set of APIs, SDKs and services available for developers. Fast and Automated gender and age recognition in stills and videos FaceSDK Tracker API offers developers a powerful, self-learning AI for  May 11, 2015 This tutorial details how to create your own face detection API using Python, OpenCV, There are many ways to apply gender + age detection. com; created by detection API and it will expire 24 hours after the detection call. John Callaham. It can be helpful for  Add the power of deep learning to your app with our APIs. The same functionality is available through the REST API. New Regulations Usher in the Age of AML for Canadian Banks and Fintechs · Why Online Identity  Dec 30, 2015 Image recognition and face detection has been around for some years. net, a new face detection demo that can guess any person's age. faces, barcodes, and text) in images on the Web using the integrated hardware capabilities. ). Software development kit for faces detection, facial recognition and analysis running on Windows and Linux. With Face APIs, developers can experiment face detection, face verification, similar face searching, face grouping, and face identification which detects gender and age. Android - Face Detection Using Computer Vision Face API In this post, we will focus on the Microsoft Cognitive Services Face API. The Face API has a demo page that uses the API to detect and extract information about faces in a photograph. For each detected face, the Face Attribute Model will return a "minor" field that will help you determine if a given face belongs to someone that is less than 18 years or more than 18 years old. This news was delivered to us in an email with the subject, “Fake ID’s useless thanks to Face. 7, but am having a hard time making the jump to emotion recognition. The server receives data from the model’s API and updates the result to web UI. Any reference in Python using OpenCV which can solve this will be helpful. The face attribute features available are: Age, Emotion, Gender, Pose, Smile, and Facial Hair along with  Sep 21, 2018 Facial Age Estimator. Detection API & Recognition API. Contribute to dpressel/rude-carnie development by creating an account on GitHub. please can you help me — would like to implement emotion recognition using the Raspberry Pi’s camera module, specifically recognizing angry only . Android Face Detection: Detecting Multiple Faces. 50 per 1000 images. Check if an IP address is blacklisted, prevent fraudulent transactions, block proxies, block TOR IPs, block bad users and bots. These algorithm driven APIs use use facial detection and semantic analysis to interpret mood from photos, videos, text, and speech. If you want to learn all the latest 2019 concepts in applying Deep Learning to Computer Vision, look no further - this is the course for you! As the Artificial intelligence & Machine learning based applications evolve, we see numerous mash ups of APIs to experiment with. A complete set of references is available for review at ADEC. cognitive. An alphabetized list of references is presented in Section 5. Gets face detection results for a Amazon Rekognition Video analysis started by StartFaceDetection. The FaceX API can detect faces in uploaded images or URLs. In market research, this is commonly referred to as facial coding. Opencv to detect age and gender from video streaming(Female detection) , work with raspberry pi Faceplusplus face detection API Documentation. Get this modelTry the API Try the web app Try in a  May 14, 2019 Age Recognition API detects an age of people on photos. We develop patented proprietary AI Software solutions. Face Detection: In this post we are focusing on detecting faces so before we deal with the sample application let’s take a closer look to API Reference (Face API - V1. Build facial recognition software into your applications with the Face API from Microsoft Azure. Age/Gender detection in Tensorflow. This demo executes four parallel infer requests for the Age/Gender Async API sections in Object Detection SSD, Async API Performance Showcase Demo. Augmented reality — AR  Aug 31, 2017 age from a facial detection and analysis algorithm and used this to present . It is robust under different lighting conditions and different angles. ai is the Most Accurate Face Recognition in 2018. You can suggest them in the comments below! You can also read this article on Analytics Vidhya's Android APP Facial recognition software developer Face. Optionally, face detection can extract a series of face-related attributes. If age is 0 You can also easily find accounts where pictures of celebrities are used, pictures which do not contain faces, photos in which gender or age does not conform to the gender/age in user’s account etc. Device Detection API and Free User-Agent Lookup From the apilayer team, the brain behind amazing tool ipapi , another inspiring resource has been created called Userstack . There are already companies using satellite imagery from companies like Planet and Descartes Labs, applying object detection to count cars, trees and ships. They can also group faces and determine if someone in multiple pictures is the Microsoft tries to guess your age with a new website and face detection API. 2017 Real-time Face Detection and Emotion/Gender classification with Convolutional Neural Networks - Duration: Object Detection with Tensorflow API Facenet Detection + Keras Age&Gender Endpoints API Details Discussions Faceplusplus face detection API Overview Detect the information of the given photo(e. com‘s facial recognition software is with you. API also provides verification (faces comparison) and identification (faces search) services, as well able to maintain multiple user-defined recognition databases (namespaces). The Kairos products returns best guesses for age, in four basic age ranges: Build facial recognition software into your applications with the Face API from Microsoft Azure. This feature of the API allows you to detect “face rectangles” which are accompanied by rich sets of attributes that include but are not limited to: Age, Emotion, Gender, Pose, Smile, and Facial Hair. You can specify the maximum number of faces to be detected using FaceDetector. Detect faces in an image and estimate the age of each face . We found the ability of the face API to estimate age and gender to be particularly interesting and chose this aspect of it for our project. It can operate on embedded hardware, on-premise servers or can be deployed as cloud API. This guide shows you how to: Haystack. Moreover, its open source API client is available for Node JS. Apr 30, 2015 Microsoft recently launched a new face detection API to developers, but It's a website called How-Old. in a basic format. Who are we? Sightcorp is an AI spin-off from the University of Amsterdam. Today we explore over 20 emotion recognition APIs and SDKs that can be used in projects to interpret a Use Face++ Detect API to detect faces within images, and get back face bounding box and token for each detected face. In this article, I have explained a simple benchmark solution for Age Detection Practice Problem. Overview Artificial emotional intelligence or Emotion AI is also known as emotion recognition or emotion detection technology. One of the perks of the API is that it can tell a difference between a real face and a picture of it thanks to spoof detection. Face. Since face detection is such a common case, OpenCV comes with a number of built-in cascades for detecting everything from faces to eyes to hands to legs. POST Face - Detect westus. We'll extract all facial landmarks and demographics to take a guess at your age too. google. It is a REST API which divulges vital information about any user visiting your website, displaying information such as device, browser etc. This Microsoft website will detect people’s age in photos. The Face API detects human faces in an image and returns the rectangle coordinates of their locations. Amazon Rekognition makes it easy to add image and video analysis to your applications. To be honest, it's a big surprise to me that this tiny web app went viral. The server sends the captured video frame by frame from the webcam to the model API. It can be used for all store analytics or outdoor areas to obtain true customer behavior analytics, people count or heatmaps. 00034 seconds (2925 FPS) (AMD), 0. Although Kairos includes age detection in its three newest products (which all detect facial information from a video feed), it does recognize the limitations of the technology. Our API provides the detection and analysis of Landmark (23points), Landmark (81 points), Attributes: Age,Gender, Glasses, Race, etc. Face detection with Amazon Rekognition Video is an asynchronous operation. Face API can detect human faces in an image and return the rectangle coordinates of their locations. Apr 18, 2017 Through the API and user interface, it is possible to detect ages of human facial images, detect objects in images, and much more! Jul 12, 2017 If you've ever used Snapchat's “Lenses” feature, you've used a combination of augmented reality and face detection. Face detection and recognition API can also be used for one more very useful functionality, which is very popular in modern social sites – tags The Shape Detection API aims to change this. Using MCS developers can make their applications more intelligent, user engaging. Age estimation and gender recognition from detected faces can be done as follows:. Sixty-five percent . Creating a face detection API with Python and OpenCV (in just 5 minutes) After getting a ton of awesome reader feedback on the step-by-step tutorial on installing OpenCV on your Raspberry Pi 2/B+, I decided to take the same approach to this tutorial — I’ve created 8 simple, bite size steps to get your own face detection API up and running. The TensorFlow Object Detection API is an open source framework built on top of TensorFlow that makes it easy to construct, train and deploy object detection models. You start face detection by calling StartFaceDetection which returns a job identifier (JobId). io. An API oil–water separator is a device designed to separate gross amounts of oil and suspended solids from the wastewater effluents of oil refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants and other industrial oily water sources. Contact us → PreCeive API A text analysis processor that covers things like sentiment analysis, , emotional analysis & speculation detection . ) Face. With their help, you can step up your marketing and community monitoring game by taking advantage of the latest trend in big data analysis. GetFaceDetection. You can modify the following variable for this purpose, for example. Cognitive Services. This step is optional,   DIY emotion detection for cats using Custom Vision & Core ML on a Swift Playground. Face detection is a computer technology being used in a variety of applications that identifies human faces in digital images. If you don’t know your birth year or can’t remember what your age is, then you are supposed to be worried. In the age of cheap drones and (close to) affordable satellite launches, there has never been that much data of our world from above. Is there prior open-source work done in the field of 'Audio analysis' to detect human-voice (say in spite of some background noise), determine speaker's gender, possibly determine no. age detection api

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